Paint Protection Film Service

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PPF is a heavier, thicker variant of vinyl wrap.

A great vinyl wrap takes skills, experience, and a keen eye for details to apply properly.

PPF requires the same focus, if not more, and finessing.

A full front PPF can take around 3 days, while a full body PPF installation can take up to a week to complete just to put things into perspective.


We start by doing a thorough surface cleaning with the best degreaser solutions.

We use software that helps us create the perfect sized PPF cuts that match your vehicle’s surface area.

Then we spray the film with a special fitting solution and apply it to your vehicle.

With careful precision, we remove the fitting solution and blemishes underneath the film.

Finally, we use a special heating tool to slowly warm the film all around to finalize the installation.



XPEL Technologies Corp. produced a solution called XPEL ULTIMATE PPF. This film is produces from 12’’ to 60” rolls.

This XPEL paint protection film has a very low orange peel and is self healing.

This means warm water or direct sunlight will cure any swirls or marring. XPEL also carries a 10 year warranty on its product.


XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS FILM is one of the leading films on the market to protect your vehicle with.

Available in three different thicknesses, the surface has an orange peel free, high gloss, self healing surface.

Any scratches, or swirling will heal with some warm water or a few minutes in the sun.

Furthermore this film is sold with a 10 year warranty.

Any manufacturer defects such as yellowing, cracking, or fading is covered and will be replaced at no charge.


XPEL STEALTH is the satin/matte version of ULTIMATE PLUS.

STEALTH is a clear, virtually invisible film designed to protect satin/matte/frozen paint finishes from chipping, scratches, and etching the same way ULTIMATE PLUS film protects glossy finishes.

Matted paint is very difficult to apply simply because any defects such as dust nibs or orange peel requires a full strip and respray.

For this reason paint shops will apply an additional charges to refinish a satin paint, thus increasing the appeal of applying STEALTH FILM.

A further benefit to STEALTH film, it can be applied to gloss finishes to create a protected, satin finish.

STEALTH is clear and will not change the colour of the paint, simply change gloss to satin.

We have completed many full STEALTH wraps and have extensive experience in applying this film.

XPEL is dedicated to providing high-quality paint protection packages that protects your car’s paint. XPEL films are all hand-drawn, measured, and tested. Only qualified experts are allowed to install XPEL products.

Both are highly respected for manufacturing protective films that last a long time.

In our own tried and true professional opinion, if you’re looking for the best in the business urethane film, XPEL PPF is the way to go. Over the past decade, XPEL has been at the forefront of many innovations in the paint and rust protection market. A decade ago, they introduced a film that didn’t yellow with age, which was light years ahead of other films available at the time. They also created and perfected the “World’s first self-healing film.”