Exterior Detailing Service


Exterior detailing is where started and still remains a pillar in our business.

Whether that be a paint correction and ceramic coating, or an interior cleaning, the spark for perfection does not die.

We can help to reverse the effects of thousands of miles and restore the shine to your car’s chrome, trim, wheels, tires, glass, and more.


Modern cars use a two stage paint system; base coat and clear coat.

Over time, the clear coat is scratched, etched, and dulled.

Our bespoke polishing system restores a high gloss finish— turning the most damaged and neglected surfaces into the clearest and cleanest show car shine.

At this level, paint is not just cleaned, but restored to a better-than-new finish.

To achieve paint restoration, we correct and remove any defects such as swirls, holograms, marring and scratches to achieve a level, defect free, clear shine.

We also constantly measure paint thickness level to ensure that the clear coat thickness is kept within a safe limits.


The car is initially cleaned of all surface contaminants, tar, and road salts.

A quality paint sealant or wax is then applied, to create a clean, glossy, and protected surface to the exterior.

All cars are washed by hand with warm water and high quality pH neutral shampoo that does not damage the molecular structure of the clear coat or inflict swirls, marring and scratches.

The car is then clayed.

Finally, we apply a wax and/or sealant, to seal the paint from the elements and impart a glossy finish.

All plastic trim, vinyl, and tires are finished with a silicone free dressing to restore a new, wet look.

All glass is cleaned to a streak free shine with tint safe glass cleaners.


This is an advanced treatment that incorporates a one step machine polishing utilizing the POLISHANGEL® MASTER COMPOUND.

Machine polishing removes 85% of visible surface defects and marring.

The paint thickness is measured to ensure that safe defect removal can be achieved without causing damage or compromising the protective capabilities of the clear coat.

The engine bay is detailed, using a protective plastic wrap that is meticulously applied to ensure that all water sensitive parts are protected during the washing process.

POLISHANGEL® ENGINE is used to remove oil and grime.

The engine bay is subsequently dried with a heated air dryer and a POLISHANGEL® COSMIC is applied to repel dirt, oil and road grime.

All chrome and metal surfaces, such as exhaust pipes, are cleaned and polished with POLISHANGEL® PALLADIUM METAL POLISH to restore a new finish.

Finally a quality wax or paint sealant such as POLISHANGEL® MASTER SEALANT or POLISHANGEL® FAMOUS is applied to create a deep gloss, protective surface.


This is the most in depth and scrupulous treatment offered.

Every aspect of the car is carefully analyzed and inspected.

All body surfaces undergo a multi-step compounding and polishing process.

The procedure can take anywhere from 3-6 correction steps depending on what is needed to achieve a flawless finish all masterfully executed to POLISHANGEL® standards.

Finally before the sealing steps, the paint is jeweled with POLISHANGEL® ESCALATE LOTION.

Jeweling is a time consuming machine polishing process to create the deepest and highest gloss possible, after the multi step polishing process, the surface is 99.9% free of all defects.

Paint thickness is constantly measured throughout the polishing process to ensure not only safe defect removal, but also the creation of a homogeneous surface that reflects light perfectly regardless of the viewing angle.

All scratches are filled in with high quality, solvent based paint and/or OEM clear coat to ensure the best surface.

Rims are not only cleaned and decontaminated, but also polished with POLISHANGEL® MASTER COMPOUND and POLISHANGEL® MASTER POLISH II to remove all defects.

Any glossy surfaces in the engine bay are also polished to remove any defects and scratches.

With this treatment, we strongly recommend adding a POLISHANGEL® COSMIC paint coating to this step to preserve this finish and prevent swirls and scratches.


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